How do I transport X-Carve?

I will be moving cross country next month and I am having a bit of anxiety about the move and the x-carve. What would be the best way to have me and the movers pack the x-carve?

You built it, you can take it apart and put it back together again - this is meant to sound empowering.

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I think I’d remove the Y rails, slid the X off, slide the Z off, and wrap all the parts with large bubble wrap and then wrap them again. Even if it were together, I bet you’d end up out of square at the end of the trip.

Time for some upgrades :grinning:


That’s what I was thinking

I thought of that, but I am trying to be smart about the transport.

That is a smart way to transport it unless you’re going to pay for them to crate it whole. You can take the major pieces apart and then re-attach bolts back where they came from so it’ll be easier to figure out what goes where at the destination. You don’t have to take it down to individual bolts, just easier to deal with sections. Leave the bottom frame attached to the waste board if this is all just getting loaded in a moving truck.

I had the movers hold my 1000mm XCarve up while I secured everything with plastic wrap a few times over. It transported well this way in the moving truck, and since the plastic was all around it, it caught the eccentric nut that shook lose while traveling.

I had it back up and running faster than we had a useable kitchen :slight_smile:


That’s a good idea Sid, shrink wrap is wonderful stuff. If I were moving I would definitely wrap it in shrink wrap, it will hold everything tight.

I have a huge roll of cling wrap. I will do just that.