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How do I turn something from easel into something I can run on my Workbee CNC?

Hi , I joined originally to use the easel as it was recommended by a friend . As I checked it out I really liked it but I am entirely new to CNC machines & can not figure out how to import a sculpture file from sculptris or a stl file from tinkerCad into it & from there turn that into a vector ? or a Gcode ? . See told you I have no Idea . . I am completely lost here

Click on the ‘Generate-g-code’ button to tell Easel to generate the toolpaths, and then the Export g-code button to save the file. The file should be saved to the designated downloads folder on your computer.

Also you can export your full project as a zip file and you can save out your .svg’s to import into any software you are using.

For .stl’s Easel currently does have 3D carving, but you could use a free solution like Fusion 360 to create the toolpaths!

thank you , I will give that a go

thank you , I tried this but it gets that error I indicated

This works really well for us, thank you!