How do I view .ai silkscreen files?

The topic pretty much sums it up. I’d like to view the .ai silkscreen files in the GrabCad library. I’ve tried opening them in Grabcad directly and downloading them and then trying a variety of apps to open them, including inkscape and vCarve. Since inkscape mentions PDF when trying to open them I’ve also renamed the files and opened them in adobe reader.

Google says the files are adobe illustrator, but I don’t have access to that and don’t want to mess around with a free trial simply to view 2 files.

Once I can view the files, I plan to “duplicate” the 1000mm silkscreen in v carve or easel so I can draw it onto my home made wasteboard using a router mounted sharpie. So if anyone has a similar file, that may avoid the entire .ai file issue completely.

Illustrator is a bit high-end for something like this. They should save them as PDFs or something.

If you place the files somewhere I’ll convert them to whatever format you need.

Illustrator should be able to save as .SVG. Optionally, Corel Draw and read .AI and save as .SVG.

All, I found a free web service ( that will convert files so was able to convert them to pdf and jpg files. From there, I loaded it into vCarve and re-drew it with vectors. I took the opportunity to draw it in inches

Tony, I agree it would be nice if the files were in more of a universal format, but I do appreciate the files being published in any format.

Ymilord, thank you for your offer!

Nam37, as I mentioned in my original question, I don’t have illustrator. I didn’t try Corel Draw as I don’t have it either.