How do you carve with photo vcarve

I am very new to cnc carving. I bought photo vcarve but don’t have a clue how to get my 1000mm x carve machine to work with it. does anyone have step by step instructions on how to do this

If you go to the Vectric website, you’ll find a few tutorials on using Photo Vcarve.

thank you for your reply. I have watched the tutorials and none of them was any help. I did download the pp for x carve, then I dragged and dropped them into the postp folder for photo v carve. but I still don’t see them when I save the file. even if I did save them I’m not sure what to do after that. lol

If you search this forum for UGS (Universal GCode Sender) you will find step by step directions. Once you drop the PP files in the right folder you need to restart the product then you should see it while saving the gcode file.