How do you charge?

As the grapevine learns that I have a wood carver, I’m starting to get some interest from family/friends wanting carves and asking the “how much?” question. And I have no idea!

I get taking wood cost, then do you just do hourly for your design time, and then another hourly rate for carve time?

Or do you just charge per carve time?

Time is time. I would charge for the time I spent on a customer request. Different rate for design and carve time. All material costs including any mills purchased for the customer.

For relatives and special cases I would charge standard rates or do it for free.

I’ve been charging roughly $20 per hour for processing (programming and carving) plus materials cost. I could likely charge more.

I just charge a flat rate, because only a small part of a build might be spent on the CNC. The rest of my shop often comes into play as well.

Here is a list of how i charge. But the first thing i did was went to the place i purchase my wood and make a list of prices figured in board feet. I have a price list configured in rows of common aspects of project cost then add options from each row to figure my price. here is a sample. Also fuel cost is a factor if you don’t have items on hand. Seniors and veterans get discount. Family and friends do not unless seniors or vet. my list is more detailed than this but gives you an idea.

pine / oak / walnut / finish / premade design / custom design / 3d / 2d /

board / board / board / paint / saved files i have cut / drawing, editing /hourly /hourly
foot $ / foot $ / foot $ / stain / before / buying of files /rate$$$ /rate $