How do you enlarge the detailed preview?

Can you enlarge the detailed preview side of Easel, maybe a zoom feature I am missing?

in between the two windows, there is a little tab with three dots, that will make the window smaller or larger,
to zoom up on the detail preview roll the wheel on your mouse, push on your mouse wheel to grab preview,
left click mouse to spin and right click to drag, hope this helps.


Thanks for the assistance but I am using a laptop and don’t have a wheel…any suggestions?

From everything I can tell, you are out of luck. I just added a mouse to my laptop.

I acatually also added a small wireless keyboard and a separate monitor, so that I can carry it over in front of the XCarve when I am jogging it. The a laptop is tucked away underneath.

I have a laptop and hate to slide my finger around on that little pad. You are limited to what you can do. Get a mouse for about 10 bucks. All you have to do is plug in a usb controller that comes with the mouse and you’re done. Get the wireless type. I use fine when setting up to carve and are too far from the computer. Works great. When I am designing a project. I use the arm chair as my mouse pad. Good luck

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Guess I am going to Walmart for a mouse, thanks to everyone for the assistance.

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I have a mouse, and can zoom in fine, but the board is always off the page…how do you zoom in to the detailed view with the project centered?