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How do you export a LightBurn file to Easel Pro

How do you export a LightBurn file to Easel Pro to do some router work on it?

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Export as svg then import that to easel

I don’t have it open at the moment but I think u might need to select the elements you want to export first…

Thanks Seth. Got that file imported to Easel. Now I need to beg another favor. I have a file, which I have attached. What I want to do is place the prayer on a lager cross behind it and use the router to cut it out. I have tried importing a cross from the design library but have not been able to readjust the import to fit behind the prayer. Is there a way to build one from scratch in Easel? Wanted to make this for my sister for Christmas but , now it looks like it will be her birthday! :))

p.s. Meant to send the file. Didn’t mean for it to open up. If you want me t try again let me know.


Kinda loud at my house tonight…or you’d get a video…

Combined the horizontal text, identified the size, made a matching sized rectangle, aligned with the text (pinned the horizontal text then used the horizontal and vertical alignment buttons to align the rectangle… then) then increase the height and the width of the rectangle by 0.2"

then repeated with the vertical part (omitting the horizontal text)
then selected the 2 rectangles, combined, and set to “outside the path”

You will want to carve this in 2 different processes, one for the text (select your v bit), then swap bits to an endmill and do the perimeter cutout. Here’s the file:

Seth, I have no way to say thank you enough!! All the text was burned in LightBurn so only have to do the one cut. Your directions will go in my "Seth"file box and will use them for the next one I will be building.


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