How do you home with out running through setup?

How can Easel (if possible) rehome without going through the machine setup again? Thanks in advance…

Go to Machine and click on that then Advanced then Machine Inspector then in the console type in $h and hit enter. That should home the machine.


Aslo make sure your GRBL parameter $22=1 which will start the machine in an Alert mode causing it to prompt Unlock with homing or Unlock without homing at power-up.

If you need to re-home later during the same power cycle just do what Wayne explain.
Keyboard shortcut to Machine Inspector is CTRL+SHIFT+D (CMD+SHIFT+D on Mac)

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WayneHall - Thanks I will give it a go this evening after work.

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HaldorLonningdal,- I will check that parameter this evening and set it to 1 if it’s not.

When the machine is detected there is a home menu option under the machine menu. It only shows up when the machine is recognized though (green)

just wanted follow up with a photo here : image (note: my machine is not plugged in so my home button is disabled)