How do you modify X Carve PP code?

Hi there.
I was wondering if anyone knows how to modify the xcarve pp code. I want to change the default z height at the start and end of cycle cuz it keeps hitting the limit switch. I’ve been changing the gcode files but it’s getting really tiresome ;(
THanks guys!


What software are you using to generate gcode?

I’m using vcarve. I don’t need to do anything drastic. The default z travel at the start and end of the code is set beyond the limit switch so I get an error unless I manually change the lines.

That should be in the settings…“z Gap above material” maybe?

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If this is happening to you in Vcarve you have an error in the job setup. Changing the post processor would just make all of your jobs wrong instead of making this one right.

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I don’t think vectric posts have the option to change that height. It pulls the parameter from your z gap setting.

Thanks for the suggestions guys :wink:

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I have found that when Easel is used to send code it seems to place it’s own safety height. I can watch it go up to the height I set in Vectric and the v go back down to the safety height in Easel.
Also the default in Easel is only .15 when you start a new project. You have to change it to met your needs.