How do you mount your electronics?

So I’ve got my XC all together and built the workbench where it now lives. But now I’m stuck on the best way to mount the electronics/power supply/DWP611 relay. I’d like them to be out of the way, but know the switches still need to be accessible.

How do you mount your electronics?

My SO2 is essentially the same as the XC and I did a custom installation of the electronics. You can see my system here:

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Are your power supplies just sitting there? Or screwed in or double sided tape?

Very clean setup

Thank you! The power supplies are held in position by strips of 1/4" plywood about an inch wide cut to fit around an individual power supply. I thought about adding a cover over the assembly but they stay very clean mounted under my CNC bench.

You can use the hot glue gun or the double sided tape to mount it temporarily but if you want a permanent setup then you can take the assistance of industrial electronics repair