How Do You Start Learning G-Code

Well I guess the title saws it all. Any one know simple projects that I can use to learn. Thanks

GITHUB looks like a organizer. Feel me in.

Maybe this will be a start.

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It’s very tedious to hand-code G-code for a project on Grbl, since it lacks variable and looping constructs.

That said, there is a bit of a reference here:

and I managed to code up a diamond-circle-square file:

Using G# to access more of G-code makes more sense: — I’m sure that the LinuxCNC folks have some good references on this sort of thing.

Learning gcode is a great way to improve your CAM skills. It is great to know what is happening behind the scenes.

My go to reference is at Linux CNC.

Tormach has some good stuff too.

It is very helpful to understand the coordinate systems as well. Being able to move in machine or work space is always helpful.

For Example: If you have limits switches “G53 Z-1” is a great and safe to move to the top of Z regardless of where your work zero is.

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The post processor does the heavy lifting. You probably wont actual need to do too much to the raw code unless you are trying to track down a problem

I reference Wikipedia ALOT
This outlines what the basic codes do.
There is more GRBL specific info on the shapeoko site.

It isn’t too hard as g-code is pretty simple and GRBL only uses the basics

Leaning to understand the difference between absolute and increment addressing is a big one.

I have been using it to teak my post processer setting better.

Learning G-code can be a daunting task it is like learning a new language that is obsolete. Nevertheless, there are ebooks available, for free and for cost, that cover the subject that cover which each code means and how to incorporate it. It really is best to get a program that converts the work to gcode for you as there are many variables in gcode programming that can make you pull your hair out. I think I might have a couple of gcode ebooks from my early programming days that I could share it is a matter of finding them.