How does a slower (less than 0.5Mbps) connection affect carving?

I have all my belts and eccentric nuts on the carriages adjusted for easy but controlled motion. I am using Baltic Birch Plywood. Carving a cross that is 0.125" deep using 0.025" per pass and multiple different feedrates from 30in/min to 150in/min. It seems that the first 2 passes are vert accurate but after that it’s a crapshoot. Being 2-4 inches or more off in X and Y. The depth (Z) seems to be accurate. But, the inaccuracy is different everytime even though I’m starting at the same home position (within 1mm).
Thats the design but 1" bars. 21" wide and 8" high.

I live in an area where my only source of internet is a Verizon Wireless USB (MiFi) connection with about 2 bars of 4G. Speedtests are usually 0.5Mbps download or less. But the speeds can vary greatly.

I’m not sure how Easel works, but are the toolpaths falling victim to an internet connection that is too slow. Or, is there other variables I’m not considering.

I’m using the 300W 24VDC spindle with a 1/8" endmill from Inventables. Has basically one leading surface but is very sharp. I have noticed that the spindle sounds a little “slower” but it seems to handle the cuts for a while.

the top and bottom / line up with the / that is on the same line as the —

Internet access doesn’t affect Easel once carving. Toolpaths are generated in the browser, not over the net connection.

So I would look elsewhere if you are having problems, usually mechanical.




Thank you! That’s what I was thinking based on my early AutoCAD plotter days, however I wasn’t positive. I can eliminate that variable now! I thank you for your time and knowledge! It helps me get unstuck.