How does the Easel program get to the router?

Thinking about buying an x-carve, not sure I understand how Easel works. The question is, does the computer have to attach to the router or is there another way to get the program to the router?

So let me rephrase the question, basically I was referring to the router as the machine, so how do you get the program from the computer to the x-carve?

The Xcontroller has a USB serial port. That connects to the PC. The Xcontroller runs GRBL which is a motion control system. GRBL translates Gcode movements into stepper movements following a control system to limit acceleration and have smooth motion.

I’ve done a lot of research on cnc machines and cnc programming I like the X-carve machine, and Easel is a really easy programming platform. But my ISP is very unreliably, so if I have to stay connected to the internet to run the program, that is going to be a deal killer.

There are ways around this, but many times people will switch to a non-internet based workflow to get away from the aggravation.

One method is to export the G-code from Easel and use one of the stand alone G-code sending programs to do the carve.

Hi Colby,

Easel does not have to be connected to the internet to control the machine or carve a job. It only has to be connected to the internet to load and to save your projects.



Once loaded can you turn off your PC, then later turn it back on and do the carve, or do you have to reload after a power cycle?

I don’t know if you could turn the PC completely off. If you have a laptop, and you leave Easel open in a browser tab, then you might be able to connect to your machine after waking the laptop up from sleep. I was able to do that just now as a test.

That will not work because “saving the page” usually just saves the current HTML markup. There are many other assets loaded as well as a lot of state that Easel has when it is running. The reason that waking from sleep works is because the operating system persists all of that state when it goes to sleep and then restores it.


thanks for the reply


There are several options for saving a web page, did you try “Web page complete” or just “Web page single file”? using “Save As”


It likely won’t matter. Even if the browser saves all the assets, I doubt that it would be able to properly load the Easel app from disk that way. There are just too many dependencies.

Ok, thanks.

Finally found the instructions on how to down load the program so that I don’t have
to be on line to run it.