How does the math work?

I’m new. Going through the headaches of learning. What fun.

So my first serious piece of plexiglass and I read up on some of the techniques and chip rate math. And I know that having a single speed trim router is a handicap (I’m about to convert as soon as I can get the new mount cut!)

I’m using a 2.76mm single straight flute bit, running at ~35k rpm.
I kept getting swarf so I started playing with the numbers… So far best results are 1500 mm/min, 228.6 mm/min plunge, and .2mm /pass. Swarf isn’t appearing until I get about 5-6mm in, beautiful results until then. I’m assuming it’s runout causing friction.

Anyone else surprised about the feed rate? I never expected such a blend of art and science when I bought my x-carve.

Ok then. I was heading in the right direction… up the feed rate.


You good sir, are now my hero! That did the trick… nice clean edges, no buildup on the bit. Awesome!! Thanks!!

…now where did you come up with that number?

Rpm X # of flutes X chip load. =IPM

that’s helpful