How fast can I go?

How fast can I push this thing?
I mean, I’m doing straight cuts and pockets in white pine, with a 1/4" upcut bit. Sometimes a compression bit.

The automatic settings are 12000rpm at 140 in/min. During a cut, I’ve boosted it up to 50% higher, and this thing still cuts like butter.

So, how do I know if I’m putting too much stress on the bit? or the machine?

I’d think Inventables would have some kinda chart, for all the different kinds of bits, showing what they can handle. Does such a document exist?

there is so much variants at play, no, no such document exists. Everybody’s scenario will differ.

Material Density
Bit Specs
Cut Settings (Rpm, Feedrate, whether it’s a slot with 100% bit engagement or a thinner edge stepover with less material engagement, etc)
These things and more come into play that will cause variation. Learning the machine and its limits will be key to expediting carve times to the extreme.

You might be wrong that no such doc exists, Seth…

this is not specific to your machine. the data may be as a reference, but not absolute and should not be used as a go-to until verified, you will want to test, learn about chipload and chatter and document your results until you learn the machine capabilities and operate within them.

furthermore, that is not a document, so it is still possible that such a document does not exist :man_shrugging: and that’s not from inventables either,sooo

While you may have ordered a machine bearing “pro” within its nomenclature, it is still a hobbyist level machine and requires such care and learning curve of a hobbyist