How fast is X-Carve

Hi All,

I am really keen on getting myself an X-Carve and have been hunting through the forum trying to answer most of my questions before hassling anyone. The last question I have is about maximum feed rates for roughing cuts.

Some of the cutting I would like to do is reasonably deep 3D pockets. Say 75 x 75 x 40 mm. If I was using a 1/4" cutter and just using roughing cuts through something like pine, can anyone give me a rough estimate of how long the pocket might take. Even just approximately. Are we talking an hour or more like 2 or 3? or less?


Calculating it in vcarve pro, your test subject would take 29 minutes with a 1/4" endmill with a feed rate of 75 inches a minute.

Problem is, at 40 mm, you may encounter a fiarly large amount of bit deflection due to the bit projection from the collet and the stock 300w 24v spindle may not be up to the task at those feeds.

You may want to consider ordering a router mount like the dewalt 611 as well as the stiffening mods found elsewhere here on the forum. they are not difficult to do and are a huge improvement on the performance of the xcarve.

Search for the threads on router upgrades and rigidity upgrades. You could do this in about 5 minutes in pine - or less. But not with the stock machine. The upgrades are very easy though. Read this thread: Width of gap X axis makerslides

Awesome, Thanks for the info. Have ordered and xcarve and it’s on the way…

I think we will definitely look at trying to stiffen things up once it gets here.

Thanks again