How fast you run yours?

So here it is…1000x1000 xcarve. Having problems with disconnecting from UCS or Easel if I push it ( to my opinion not that hard ) above 800 mm/min. Anything above that, xcarve will disconnect and stop no matter if I use UCS or Easel.

Simple pocket cut with 6mm bit at 1200 mm/min and 3mm pass depth cutting MDF will disconnect after a 20 seconds in to the cut. If I change it to 800 mm/min and 2mm pass depth the same pocket is fine.

So I’m I looking to a problem here? Or the 800 mm/min speed is the max? I hope not as this runs well too slow!

P.S I been using the xcarve for about a month mostly with Easel and the recommended settings easel gives… First time I had this problem is today and first time I used Aspire and saving with the xcarve post processor settings… You think is maybe a problem in settings in Aspire? Should I be saving with Xcarve post processor, or with something else?

I hope someone can help. Many thanks.

Thanks Robert.
But what I dont get is, why will it complete the job with lower speeds?
Less EM noise I guess?

Cheers…will look in to grounding. The only thing is grounded is my dust hose.

Something is causing the USB to briefly disconnect, most likely due to noise somewhere in your electrical circuit.

Separate signal wires from power wires, get a quality shielded USB cable and possibly use a externally powered USB hub. These steps will reinforce your systems ability to stay up against noise, hopefully solving your problem.
If you have the xcontroller try to bypass the front panel USB-port by removing the top cover and connect USB directly to the xcontroller mainboard.

I can make mine disconnect by turning of the fluorescent lighting in my shop… :wink:
(Non-XCarve but Arduino based)

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Thanks Haldor…After Roberts advice and giving me a good idea to what the issue might be, I searched the forums and there is many issues the same as I have. I be getting a shielded USB cable and start with that. I’m just so glad is not the feed rates and happy I can run faster ones ones I solved the problem.

Many thanks

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What?! Someone searched the forum!!? Next thing you know Google will be a thing.


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