How high is x carve

I Have build a work table too my 1000 mm X Carve (i did not assemble the X Carve yet)

I am going too install a monitor stand back on the table , and wants the stand bee so high so the monitor
can slide over the highest Point off the X Carve,

so my question , How high is the x carve going too bee, wtith the spindle include ? (quiet cut spindle )

331mm or 13.0315in from the bottom of the waste board to the top of the spindle mount.


thats what i looking for :grinning:

I would suggest building in a couple of inches, in case you want to put a bigger spindle in or increase the cutting height at some point.

Also are you going to add any dust collection? If so your hose might also interfere with it. I had to alter where my monitors were going to be because of the hose to my shop vac.
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