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How is the dogbones app not in mm!?

What is this madness?

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What could be easier than using 8th, 16, 32, and 64ths for measurements?

I’ve always put any resistance to the metric system down to an inability to count to 10. :grin:

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People act like Americans came up with these measurements. Most of those measurements were around before America was discovered.

Decimal inch was good enough to put a man on the moon?


Nothing directed to you just the crazy video.:grinning:
All in all in the end The system you choose is of no matter as long as it works. In the shop it’s inch mode for me but at the Japanese owned company I work for it’s all metric. I use 33 different type of measuring devices to take measurements on one small part plus a cmm to double check what I measuered.
just in case you would like to know what a cmm is heres one like i use.

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