How long does Easel keep projects?

So I’ve just noticed that there are projects missing from my folder, projects I completed when I first got my machine. It seems like Easel only saves back to a certain date, or back to a rolling time period (3 years prior to today, for example). The oldest project in my projects directory in Easel is from October of 2015. However I have dozens of projects older than that (like, I literally have them in my posession because I’ve carved them out) which are just gone from Easel.

Is this behavior that we should expect to see? Did I miss a notification that Inventables would be limiting file space for its users? I’m really glad I keep local copies of my .svg files and don’t work in Easel directly. Otherwise I’d be SOL if I wanted to go back to an old project (which has happened, hence the freaking out over the missing files).

Hi Mike,

Easel keeps all of your projects forever, there is no maximum date or rolling period.

Is it possible that you used a different Easel account during that time?

No, I’ve only ever had 1 account with Inventables. Moreover, I have a writeup of a design in the “Projects” area of Inventables’ site, and the accompanying easel file won’t open, ostensibly because it’s gone.

I’m pretty sure I haven’t deleted anything, and I don’t think I would have bulk deleted all of my first-year projects.

I’m glad to hear that Easel doesn’t have a policy of deleting files, but I still have quite a few missing.

Here’s the project I was referring to:

weird, I can see the link for it, it just won’t open.

Hi Mike,

I can confirm that there is no Easel project associated with that link. Typically this would mean that you deleted the project. It looks like your oldest project on the system was created on June 18th, 2015. I think at this point you should email our customer success team at if you would like to have further discussion or for us to look deeper into this issue, as the forum is not an official Inventables support channel.