How long does it actually take for Inventables to ship an order

I read that it takes 6 to 8 weeks for an order to ship. How true is that?

On the order page for the X-Carve, it currently says “Orders placed today expected to ship within 5 weeks”.

I’m sure you could call or email and see what the lead time is.

It’s pretty accurate but an sometimes take longer usually comes is parts

Did you get a waste board with yours and what size machine did you order?

I ordered mine in late February. Got every thing but the cutting bits and the waste board around March 13th. Bits showed up 3 days ago. Waste board was on back order till the 17th of march. How ever as of today I messaged them and asked about the waste board and they said it is still back ordered for another week or so.

I don’t know what the hold up is on it either. I ordered the full kit so I could have it up and running fast. I do play on making the machine a custom size down the road. Even know the back order suck they are still ahead of the 5 to 6 week lead time.

The 6-8 week lead time was to cover the holiday season when the orders were high and the Xcontroller was back-ordered from their manufacturer. I’m sure the delay is much shorter now.

I ordered the 1000 x 1000 on Feb. 28, 2017. Received all but the spindle and mount, waist board and calipers on
March 16th. The spindle and mount show out for delivery today (3/23/17). (3 weeks) So I will be putting mine together this weekend. As for the waist board I will put a temporary piece in place until the other arrives, no big deal. Happy carving!!

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Ordered mine (1000mm) on March 10th (I think the 6-8 week lead time was still there), should be receiving everything today (March 24th) except the waste board and calipers. The calipers should be in next week (or even tomorrow) as they shipped today, just have to wait for the waste board, which they are saying will ship on April 7th. Which of course is still way earlier than mid-May which is what I was originally expecting.

Time to get that table built…

OK so how long did it take. I place my order on 2/22/2017 Today is 3/30/2017 As of this morning my waste board is said to be delivered today. So if it does come in today then it took 5 weeks an 1 day. So basically with a 6 to 8 week lead time I go it 3 weeks early. Well at lest that’s how I look at it.

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I ordered on March 30th, 85% of my order was ready for pickup on April 4th (Wasteboard and Clamp kit on backorder) had it shipped to me I would have had it by the 6th.

I am Semi-Local, so I tried to save $60 by picking it up, which was a 45m Trip (Thx Google Maps) that turned into a multihour Cluster*uck. Seriously… my biggest Thanks goes out to the poor Inventables guy for being kind enough to wait an extra 10-15m past closing for me to get that last 4 blocks. Wish I knew your name to Thank you specifically.

Anyways, my wasteboard came in and was delivered to me April 13th ( 2 days earlier than previously explained)
and my Clamp Kit is scheduled to be here between 4/21 and 4/24.

So the majority of it was to me inside 2 weeks. No bad considering.

3/4 will not fit beneath the bottom rollers. Make sure to account for that