How many computers with code

Im new to this and was wondering how many computers can i put this program on with the code? currently i’m using a desktop and want to play with this program till i get a laptop in a couple days before i receive my x-carve. I don’t want to waste the code on this computer if i only get one validation.

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Hi Mario, Easel is web based, you need only your login and password and you can access your account and designs on any number of computers. There is no need for any codes once pro is applied to the email address on the account. :+1:


Seth is correct, I have my tablet and home desktop in the house and a desktop computer in the shop. Access from any one of them. What I have noticed, the depth of cut varies between my shop computer and house computers. Example, when I design in the house and set my depth at .0325", if I don’t change it when I actually carve in the shop, it cuts twice the depth, .0650".

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This shouldn’t happen, Does the Easel project change from 0.0325" to the 0.0650" in the design? (this sounds really weird and I’ve never seen a project change depths on it’s own, not unless the depth is set to match the thickness and then the Material thickness is changed :man_shrugging:) Now I want to know more :thinking:
OR is 0.0325" still showing this depth in the design but carving deeper in reality?

This is possibly a $102 issue and the cnc’s Z axis calibration is off? (this is a rather common issue especially is one is either not using an X-Carve and selected “X-Carve” when they did the machine profile, or if one has the Z upgrade (whether the one inventables sells or a 3rd party one) and the $102 is not altered to account for the new gear ratio… You can check this theory by measuring the Z actaul movement vs the commanded amounts, You’d itentify the current height and raise or lower 1" and see if the measured distance matches. (the further the distance the more accurate this test is) And then if it is odd you’d need to do some math and adjust the $102 value on the cnc.
Sorry, I went into the details on this one without you even checking that this is the issue because this is extremely common.

Hi Seth, well it happened again. Designed in my house during the week, went to my shop today to carve things out and the depth changed. I don’t know how but just need to make sue I check before beginning the carve.

The circles from the other post? check out my reply, sounds more like the nature of the bits and a less-rigid hobbyist machine to me :slight_smile:

The photos were very helpful :+1: thanks for adding those

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