How many of you are working on Covid-19 projects?

I’ve set up a small production line of face shields. 24 pieces a day. They fly out the door faster than I can make them.


Hi there :slight_smile: Great design , could you please share the PDF or Vector file .

Have a great and safe day

Found this for you. First file is for 3D printers. Hope it helps;

FACESHIELD FULL LASER NESTED instructions.pdf (2.0 MB)

Produced on my HS-CL30 30W CO2 Laser Marking Machinemaska-plastika

This is really amazing. Thanks for sharing this type of post.

Kroger Feedback

@anon68752607 Is it polycarbon? What is the cutting speed?
I’m asking as we are testing blue and UV lasers with transparent materials, They are not the best but Covid made us to start testing different wavelengths too like 365nm 405nm and 450nm.