How many Wide MakerSlides do I need to upgrade my 2015 X-Carve 500mm

I want to stiffen my X-Carve 500 and I think I would like to use the new Wide MakerSlides for this.

How many Wide MakerSlides do I have to order for this?

Does anybody know, where to order these in Europe?

Have a nice day

I don’t think you can order the special wide makerslide outside of Inventables. Regular makerslide is no problem though.

If it is not possible, I order it at Inventables… But first I have to know how many Wide MakerSlides I need ;-9

Inventables does sell upgrade kits for all size machines they sell. That being said if you are only going to upgrade the Y axis, you would only need 1 piece. If you are asking about the length then I don’t know what length you should get but I am pretty sure they only sell 3 lengths 500, 750 and 1000.

No, I do not want the whole upgrade kit.
I already have the X-Controller (bought in UK) and now I wanted to stiffen X-axis and Y-axis at my 500mm machine.

On the original one, there are at least two pieces for the x-axis. How about the Wide MakerSlides? Two, too, or only one?

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You would need one for the x. Inventables does sell them separately (I got mine shipped to Germany) if you want to upgrade your y axis as well you would need two more and new raise plates I think Charlie sells some custom made ones.

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Thanks a lot for that information.