How many X Carvers in Iowa?

I’m in a small Amish town called Kalona. Lots of very talented and skilled woodworkers all around me. Could never make a living here doing woodwork, but I do make lots of sawdust.

Just got my XC and will be starting the build tomorrow or the next day. I have about 3 weeks to dedicate mostly to getting it up and functioning. It feels like “X” mas around here!

Ahhh, the Coralville mall… My favorite stop on 80 headed west. Used to live in Pella…

I live in Ankeny. I’m hoping to order my X-Carve in the next few weeks. It’ll be nice to have another user semi-local.

I used to work in the hospital in Mount Pleasant and was in the National Guard unit in Washington. Is that Amish restaurant still along HWY 1 in Kalona?

Not aware of an Amish restaurant on highway 1 near Kalona. I moved there about three years ago so don’t really know all that much about local history in terms of changes to the area. There are however still plenty of horse and buggy combinations and tractors with steel wheels.

I’m a riverboat pilot and I’m gone for a month at a time. My XC was waiting for me when I got home last time. I spent a couple of days putting it together and the rest of my time home learning the most basics parts of its uses. I’m only scratching the surface, but the learning curve is great fun.

Waterloo, IA here!