How much better?

I know I’ve seen a number of users say that its not worth the price. I personally just ordered a 4x4 model. It’s my first CNC.

@Inventables, I know you advertise the machine as faster and better.

How much faster? Why exactly is it better? I know its purpose built, but to a newbie CNC guy, that means nothing.

Any more lamens terms descriptions would be nice.


Disclaimer, I am not replying on behalf of Inventables, nor do I have an Xcarve (plain or otherwise) but:

The Xcarve Pro use screws for motion, larger stepper motors and a considerably more powerful spindle, and I assume a matched structure in terms of rigidity.

This means more material pr “bite” so one can use larger bits, run deeper per pass with greater precision and repeatability. A stronger machine is also less likely to loose steps.

These are the main factors in faster carving :slight_smile:

Thank you for that great info @HaldorLonningdal!

I guess my big question is this:

The X Carve is $2,299 for the fully loaded kit. (Assuming MSRP)
The X Carve Pro is $11,995 (MSRP) or $6,495 for the preorder price.

I’m trying to figure out if the pro is indeed 3-6x better than the X Carve.

Note: This is not a slam post, as like I mentioned before, I did preorder. I am hoping to get more info on specifics to help the cause.

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Just watched the Inventables Launch video (

It appears the X Carve Pro can cut signs up to 28(or 26…i forget) times faster.
Can cut metals a lot faster.

That sums it up for me, i’m happy again.

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I also think the Pro is much more variable; With the regular Xcarve changing a bit is a game, since with the belts sometimes you change the setting by moving the router unintentionally away from zero. That cannot happen with the screws. The Xcarve is an excellent poroduct, no doubt, support is also excellent. So the Pro will be even better. Not necessary for home use, but if you intend to do it professionally the regular xcarve is on the edge. I tried to make some furniture, but the usually need a larger machine than the xcarve, so if you can afford the Pro I think it is a good choice.

I am in doubt about the faster carving, since this also depends on the bits. I am not really experienced, it took me a while to figure how to fix the material, that it is not bend in the middle or on the edges or somewhere since that causes different carving depths and possible incomplete carving or cutting through the little tabs what in turn results in loose cut outs what can destroy the whole project and can break bits. So I also think it needs some experiments and some experience until you know what speed you can use for what wood etc. The carving speed does not only depend on the machine but also on the properties of the bit and the wood. You should add some expenses for scrap wood and bits to the machine price…

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Speed is one thing, what needs a lot of experience in turn. I see that from a smaller scale: If I use a small bit because the pattern needs it that can break if you adjust the speed too high. Can happen of course atr the larger scale of the pro too, so to figure out what bit with what material needs / accepts what speed needs some experience, what will use up time and raw material (costs). But since the larger machine usually is needed to carve larger pieces very fine structures that need small / thin bits are rather not to be expected. One might expect to produce furniture with the Xcarve what usually need fewer cuts, and sell for a higher price than smaller parts. That makes it more productive.

And: you can work “paralllely”: the XRarve pro can carve, and you do the assembling / finishing at the same time instead doing one after the other. (btw: the vacuum part keeps the work space much more clean , brooming / vacuuming less also means time!!!). The CNC-Router can be used to do things that otherwise had do be done manualy, like serial holes, carving pockets etc.

I just made some stools and small tables, the legs can be attached completely differently than usually. Means: new technology: stick and glue legs into the pockets, and done, no holes, no screws, no angles (no metal at all), hence new look, what again may sell nicely.

So I think it is not just about the speed (too of course) but also precision, repeatability (produce serial products), add productivity to the wood shop, and add new (more productive) technology.

The XCarve Pro is therefore not necessarily something for the hobby carpenter who sells some nice items on farmers’ markets but will fit in nicely into a professional wood shop.

the small XCarve did show its use in professions like sign makers etc too of course.

All I can say is that for what is basically $12,000.00 I would certainly find a much better CNC Router than an X-Carve pro. I’m not slamming Invetables as they have done great things for many builders around the world. For that amount of money I would expect the very best ball-screws and guide-rails. I am talking all US made components all through the entire machine. I don’t own or do CNC Router stuff but I have researched it thru and thru looking at every “hobby” to “professional” CNC Router and what is on them. I think for the money CNCROUTER (name has changed, I know that) has for the price a better heavier router setup in their “Pro series” and even desktop routers. And I’m not schilling for cncrouter. Heck I’ve just started 3D printing and found out very fast the difference in low cost cheap PLA and ABS and the better and higher cost stuff. You get what you pay for as the saying goes. Sorry, I’m rambling. I wish Inventables the very best with their new Pro line series.

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My understanding is the Pro is 5 to 6X more rigid than the traditional X-Carve, and can support bit length to cut through a 4" thick piece of material in multiple passes. This is a major upgrade from the original X-Carve.

From a purely machine-design standpoint, that number seems perfectly legit to me. I started with a standard x-carve & basically built it into a ‘Pro’ model (about as ‘pro’ as you can achieve starting with a stock machine) and it was amazing to me how much more rigid & accurate the machine became. As good as my machine was, I’m sure the new Pro version is much more legit being designed from the ground-up as such.


I have owned the original 1000mmx1000mm since 2/2016. I have upgraded almost everything except going to lead screw and linier rails. I have no issues eating through wood, plastics and aluminum. I was happy about seeing the new X-carve pro until the price was announced. I can get a machine just as good for a lot less. Im in the progress of building my own though that will be 1500mmx1500mm. Hope it works out for you.

Got a link?


Id love to see the info and build on this!

TC, It’s your first CNC machine. Hate to say it!! But you made a great choice selecting a cnc from Inventables because they stand behind their products. Also, their customer service is beyond great.

As someone that is new… inventables does plug and play best. The 4x4 is a beast. It’s an amazing unit.

The lead screws on all axes are what really make the huge difference imo… the accuracy is damn great.

Easel Pro is becoming better and better, even though I am moving away from it as I progress… it is* a good piece of software.

Last but probably most important is inventables support is really amazing. You call and get a live person and they are amazing at helping and if anything fails, which can happen, they are pretty good at replacing aka they stand by their product which is so important.

The price is steep but it sounds like you already bought it so no need to go over that traumatic experience :wink:

Hope you enjoy yours!