How much smoke or fumes are created (laser)

Hi and if this is in the wrong category please advise me and I will move it. I live in a condo and am interested in getting a laser attachment for my xcarve. My question is how much smoke or fumes is created by using it. Do you think that my neighbours would be alarmed by it’s use and also is there enough fumes that perhaps it would set off my smoke alarm which is tied into my burglar alarm and yes it is all monitored. Thanks for your time.

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You would probably want to vent the laser work area to an outside location, for many reasons. If you can’t arrange to vent it outside there are filter units that you can get that would absorb the fumes. They would have consumables that would have to be replaced periodically to maintain their performance.

Also, be aware that some materials, when burned, give off toxic fumes which can be deadly.


You do not want to run the laser on certain plastics as they will ruin the belts and other items on your machine. Also as Larry said they can be dangerous to your health.

Get a blower fan and some tubing and it will vent.
That fan is 200 bux and works great.
I could be used to help get the dust out too but use a dust collector in front of it. Something like the dust deputy.

You can use ducting like the stuff at home depot. 4" tubes and pipe it outside.

I just laser wood and it is pretty smoky I have a 4 in duct vent to the outside it helps but you can still smell burnt wood. unless your condo is next to a campground you’ll probably have the fire dept there when someone smells smoke.

Thanks for the honest and humourous comment MRoss!