How my X-Carve Got me 98% in A-Level Art

I was originally sent an x-carve for free from inventables for a review video on my youTube channel.
After the review I decided to upgrade the electrics and software to Mach 3 with a proper breakout board and stepper drivers because easel at the time was quite limited.
I used my X-carve extensively throughout my A-Level art coursework and ended up getting an a* because of it.
The project was focusing on the surface of moving water and I wanted to carve the flowing ripples found on the surface of water from plywood and other materials.
I made a YouTube video on the process of carving the wave patterns;

as well as one on CNC machine basics to try to explain how a CNC machine works to my examiners and teachers;

And I made a video on carving stone since I thought it was cool;

The final outcome of my project was 3 large plywood carvings of the surface of water (each one taking 11+ hours to carve) and a large drawing of some water.

Just wanted to post this here since hopefully some of you will find the CNC stuff interesting!
I’ve got more information and videos on this project on my website;



Congratulations on your excellent result! Your project is well presented in your video and website, as well. I love those stone pieces!

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Thanks, glad you like them!

Very cool!