How often do you adjust wheels/belts?

Belts aren’t that big of a deal. Easy to adjust. I’ve got a total of approximately 30 hours on my xcarve so far and I’ve only had to adjust once.
How often does every have to adjust their wheels though? I adjusted a tad bit a little over 2 weeks ago on a couple wheels on the x and z axis. Carved 10 projects that were just a bit over 2 hours each over a week span, no more than 2 carvings back to back. Nothing over heated, but I just let everything take a break(mainly myself lol). Took a week off from everything and go back out to run a quick test with the new roll of Oramask. Oramask worked GREAT, but I noticed slight chatter on just some simple letters. Ran at the same speeds I have in the past projects, same wood. So checks the Z axis and it had a bit of side to side movement. Checked the wheel tension and it had loosened slightly. Tightened it down properly, and adjust a wheel on the x axis too.

To expand on @PhilJohnson’s comment, there is a machine operating checklist:

Folks would have fewer difficulties if everyone used it.


Same here. Do a pre inspection and cleaning before use

I clean it off before and after each use. Guess I’ll start checking everything before I start it up each time, usually just check it every other time or so.

I check the belts prior to any carve. I look for wear and any signs of over stretched areas. I also check the pulleys to make sure they have not slipped or have debris on them. I do the same for the V-wheels.

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