How slow down the feed between jobs?

Hello . I wanted to ask for help in finding the feed speed settings. I know how to control the work feed in the material, but when the router moves to the next place in the project, it does it very quickly and it seems to me that sometimes it loses position by a millimeter or less. I wanted to slow him down in this move so that he could complete the project more precisely. I will be grateful for your help . thank you and best regards MArcin

The rapid feedrate is set by your grbl settings.
Do you use Easel?
You can send $$ to the controller to see your current settings. You’d want to reduce $110, $111, and possible $112 for X,Y&Z respectively. You may also want to reduce the acceleration values ($120, $121, & $122).


Hi Neil ,
Thank you for your help and for directing me to GBLT settings . I watched a tutorial on Youtube how to enter new values. I changed $ 110 / $ 111 down from 8,000,000 to 3,000,000. This is exactly what I needed. In the future, I will take a few moments to practice and test at other speeds that you have suggested .