How the heck do I zero my tool?

Hey everyone I wanted to show you a video that I made explaining different methods on zeroing your tool on your x-carve.

Some of the different methods that I explain include:

Paper method
Feeler gauge method
Multi-meter Method

in Part 2 I will go over different touch plate methods
and I would love to get my hands on a new X-carve touch plate that inventables sells to showcase that new item

I hope you like and if you have any questions please let me know


I used a DMM to zero the Z and my X, Y home for those axis.
Get this one if you want

I ordered one myself. :slight_smile:

Oh yeah that is what part 2 is going to cover is all the touch plate methods I hope to have that out very soon :slight_smile:

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so wait what lol?

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I got the 3 touch plate auto for Xcarve …Its simple and AWESOME ! I have never used a CNC machine before its simple.

I need help! how do i zero it out -, or start my origin in another corner?

Someone who knows how to set my origin to another corner PLEASE HELP i need to get this done tonight. Thanks. Sam

In Easel the carve will only start at visual grid X0Y0.
You can not change the start position.

But you can make start point anywhere on your design.
You can move the design so X0Y0 is placed say top right of the design, vs bottom left that Easel assume.

Check this for an example:

Regarding zeroing there are two main methods, one is zero relative to the material and the other is relative to the wasteboard. I usually choose the latter because that give me a firm reference to my waste board. My waste board is also skimmed true so I know it is uniform in height relative to end mill height.

Say my material have a nominal thickness of 12mm, but may vary +/-0,5mm.

  • I then jog my bit (or use a probe) down to the wasteboard and when it touches I know that is “Wasteboard Zero”
  • Then I jog up (retract Z) 13mm. (If I want to cut through I then set cut depth = 13mm
  • Move end bit to X/Y start position. Use this as “Confirm Home position” and you are good to go.