How to add a vacuum that works automatically with Xcarve

Hello, I have an iot relay for my dewalt router but I would also like to add a vacuum that would work automatically with the xcarve. Is I to add a second iot relay or do you have any suggestions?

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I use this to turn Vac and Dewalt on:

Hi Dave,
I would like to know if there was any difference between the one you sent me and the one I already have home.

Its the exact same thing.
Al they did was put their name on it and try to charge a ridiculous price.
I also have the IOT (same as yours) and its been working great for several years now.

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the problem is that I am not able to run the router Dewalt and the vacuum on the iot relay

I run the spindle on one outlet and my dust collector on the other.
They both go on and off at the same time.


That’s an awful lot of current to draw from one 20 amp circuit. I tried to set mine up like that at one time, but having issues with the x carve stopping mid carve randomly.
I traced it down to surges on the power line causing current drop to the controller caused by the d/c and the x carve on the same circuit,
I solved it by switching the d/c to a separate circuit, and installing a second IOT relay for the d/c. You can parallel the activation relay to both IOT relays with no issues to have them both turn on at the same time,

Not that you’re having issues, but if you do in the future, this is probably the reason.

Hi Al

I already had the problem of shutdown of the router and the vacuum following the overload. I will put a second IOT relay connected in parallel for the vacuum. Thank you for your suggestion.

I initially had the disconnect problem too.
What I did was run two dedicated circuits to the machine.
One is for the spindle and dust collector, the other is for the computer, controller and second monitor.
Works great.