How to add keyhole bit

How do I add keyhole bit to easel?

You can’t really add it to Easel because Easel does not really have an “understanding” of what the bit is/does. You just use the keyhole app if you want to make a keyhole with a keyhole bit.


Brandon Parker

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what Brandon Said… the keyhole app simply performs a plunge (to your specified depth, which you’d base off the bit specifications) and then it moves in X or Y movement on the line, and then returns to the plunge point and lifts out… it doesn’t matter what size bit you enter, it will generate the exact same toolpath… You ca put in 1" diameter and it will make the exact same toolpath as if you enter 1mm as the bit diameter… the parameter that must be set right is the plunge depth and the slot length.

Enter it as an endmill and give it a custom name if you wish. (maybe include the desired plunge depth in the custom name for easy reference in the future)

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