How to cancel or suspend Easel pro account?

My husband pays a monthly fee for Easel Pro but he’s been in the ICU for the past week. I don’t know if it’s auto pay or what, but I need to cancel for now as I can’t afford to have money going to something that might not be used for a very long time. Please help.

To cancel or modify your membership you can **go to your Account tab in Easel. There, you can choose “End my subscription”


Oh thank you so much Ken! I didn’t realize it would be that easy. Just didn’t know where to go. when he’s well enough, will it be easy for him to resubscribe? I am hoping and praying he will get through this but nothing is for sure.

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Hopefully he gets better soon :pray:
Yes, it is just about as easy to turn the subscription back on as it was to deactivate it.

Thank you so much for your response. And thank you for the prayers for my husband.

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