How to carve more then one size in same pattern

Are there any tips how to cut different sizes in the same pattern

for exempel if I have a small pattern inside a big pattern how to do that


Thank´s Phil

I´ll try that tomorrow (my local time 8.20 pm)

I´m still trying to cut just under the material, but I do not get the hang of it yet.
sometimes it cuts below
sometimes too little
I check the surface every time
and it´s flat are each time
I check

Yes sir
I did that today and the first cut wasn´t deep enought
so I set it to 1.5 mm deeper and suddenly it was to deep.
And I have checked the gentry, (the z-axis) and it seems ok

God morning Phil (local time 6.00 Am)

How do I check it easiest ?

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I have made my own waste board from 3/4 "MDF

Good night