How to change speed between cuts?

Hi, any one can help me ? i want to know if is posible to change the speed between cuts, i spend a lot of time waiting to travel the spindle…

What do you mean?

Speed of the spindle as in RPM or speed of travel/feed rate?

In Easel Machine Inspector, $110, $111, and $112 are the max rates for your x, y, and z axes, respectively. $120, $121, and $122 are the accelerations for them.

You could tweak them, but increasing them will change the amount of inertia in the direction of travel which will likely decrease accuracy by causing it to overshoot. You could counter it by tweaking the v-wheels, belt tensions, and pots to minimize it, but there’s no promises it would work.

I don’t know for sure, but I suspect that the max rates may not be attainable just because of the stepper motor size and the masses of the X carriage and the gantry. Changing them wouldn’t make a difference. The same might also be true of the accelerations.

Tks i will experiment…!