How to change the direction of travel

How to change the direction of travel

hello to everything

Could someone tell me how I can change the direction of the machine?

for example I do not understand why when I cut a circle, instead of simulating a CW course, it simulated a CCW course?

Why why?

how can I change that

Hello BobJewell,

Thanks for your answer, The cnc machine is homemade

I want to change the direction so that the cut pieces have a better definition and less bibracion

According to what I have seen in the Web and my own experience 90% of the cuts are better in CW

it’s not really a question of 90% it’s more a question of internal cut or external cut the internal cuts are good in CCW and the external cuts are better in CW

I say that my machine is homemade because in your answer you tell me that on the Vectric V-Carve for instance allows you to select Conventional (CCW) or Climb (CW) … it’s just to say what kind of machine I have.

With pleasure I will send you videos and photos of the result cutting with CCW and with CW, SketchUp let me select the sense in each cut.