How to change the tool path in easel

Holla Inventables. I am having a trouble with my tool path with easel and would appreciate your feedback. I am trying to cut rectangular bullet shaped blocks on an acrylic block, about 3 mm deep blocks: two rows and 6 blocks per row as follows:
: : : : : :
My tool is custom made and has convex shape throughout its vertical height. Each block should have rectangular shape looking down the z axis but should have concave profile looking at it from the X axis. Think of it as cutting a bullet shape, the tip being at the bottom of the cut. So my tool is wide at its tip and narrow (with radius) at its middle.

My problem is that my tool enters from top to bottom and then travels through the x and y axis, messing up the final shape. Is there way I can manipulate easel’s tool path so my tool jogs down 3 mm outside the border of the block and only move along X and Y axis to give me the desired shape?