How to clear device errors in easel

My Genmitsu PROVerXL 4030 is not reacting anymore when I navigate with Easel outside of the range of my trough plate.

I think this creates an machine error, but I don´t know how to clear the error with easel. Is that even possible?

After restarting the computer, everything works as before. But I don´t want to restart my computer every time there´s an machine error… .

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You can see the alarm fault on the machine inspector page in Easel.
Go to Machine>General Settings>Machine Inspector or press ctrl+shift+D

In there at the top left if the status says “alarm” or “error” check the last 10 or so lines sent in the console section of that page and grab the number and check it on a chart to see an explanation of the issue.

Thanks for your answer. The Question is, when I release an alarm, where I can reset the machine and so removing the alarm status? With active alaram status i´m not able to control the machine via easel.

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Did you try to home your machine?
Some machine will clear after homing your machine. You’ll need to fix the cause of the alarm Fault.

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You can either send the command $x in the console section of machine inspector to unlock the alarm state and set it to idle, which if the alarm is from hitting a limit switch won’t help because it will still be triggered and will immediately alarm again when you try to jog, unless you’re already moved if physically off of the switch.

You can also home or send the home command in the console: $h to home it from in there.

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