How to combine lines drawn with line tool

I have made a cutout using the line tool in Easel and would like to combine it into one continuous line so when it is cut Easel will make one pass instead of cutting each section separately. The combine tool doesn’t appear to work the way I would expect it to when I select all and choose combine. I have limited experience with Inkscape but can use it if Easel can’t support what I want to do. Below is the link to the project.

try to use the pen tool. then edit each node as needed.

“hint” use three nodes on each corner so you can use round on the middle and keep it straight on each side.

I am assuming the pen tool is the same as what Easel calls the line tool. That is what I used for all of it and it works well except for when carving. It will carve each section separately making the carve much longer. Thanks for the hint on the corners. That worked better than what I was doing.

Okay, you are correct in that they are the same. have you made your design with one continuous line from start to finish with all nodes needed?

when I looked at your design it has several elements which would indicate that you made each segment separate and not continuous. this would make it where it would carve one piece then start on the other.

Use the line tool click on your start point and map out with one line the entire design in effect making it one long continuous cut. then click on edit points (this will show the little round dots) which allow you to edit the nodes. each node can be moved to change the location of the line (cut) and each node can be changed from straight to curved. if you notice when you move the nodes and they line up with a node somewhere else on the design you will get a red line and the node will want to align with the other node. you can override this snapping with the alt key, however this feature is very handy in keeping everything symmetrical.

doing it this way takes some preplanning (knowing how many nodes (points that need edited) for the design but once you get the ideal your designs will be much easier to manipulate.

Thanks for your help on this. I understand now how I would need to lay it out.

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Also if you want to use inkscape to design you can have more control over how you manipulate the nodes. you also have more control over dimensions and alignment. and you can also select and connect nodes after your design is completed.

What I am trying to say is that you can design in easel and do what you want, but if you need more control over the fine details (exact measurement of internal elements) then you would definitely urge you to learn and use inkscape as it will give better results.

So easel is fast and easy but better suited to simple designs that do not require precise parts.

Inkscape is more complicated (design and then save as SVG then import) but gives more control and precision.

Glad to hear you are getting the hang of this.