How to configure X-Carve for Aluminum?

How would you configure an X-Carve (1000mm) for milling 6061 billet aluminum? Maximum depth would be no more than 1/2".

Beyond what comes with the “fully loaded” machine (ACME lead screws, NEMA 23, 300W spindle), what would be needed for it to hold up to a couple hours a day milling? Would the 300W spindle do the trick or should I order with the attachment for a Bosch Colt or other?

Primarily to be used for MDO/HDU sign boards (why I want the longer travel) and acrylic, but would like the option to do aluminum lettering and emblems.

A couple hours of cutting aluminum with the 300W spindle could be one part, or less. :wink:

Read this Post, he used the Dewalt 611 (I believe it’s the strongest). The post has great info on what your looking to do

Also check out this post on milling aluminum with X-Carve by @TaitLeswing

I actually used the DW660, but I wouldn’t recommend picking one up though. They’re SUPER loud and I think mine has a significant amount of run-out (I don’t have a dial indicator to actually measure it). I hear the DW611 has a much more accurate collet out of the box, and there are a lot of upgrade options you can get collet-wise; such as or

If I had to do it over, I’d definitely go with the DWP611, or a .8kw VFD (boy are they expensive).