How to create a 21 mm hole with a 21 mm bit

Hi experts,
I’d like to know, how I can make a hole with a bit with the exact measure of the the hole.
In fact I want to make a hole with 21mm with a 21 mm bit.
When i try to make this, easel gives me the following message:

There are no objects in your design that can be carved with your current settings.

Could you please help me?
Thanks in advance.

Sergio Ferreira

Easel do not support drilling operation.

You can work around this by using a smaller bit and carve a 21mm round pocket/hole.

Also the hole needs to be larger than the bit, not by much, you can fool it by specifying that the bit is smaller. You really have a 21mm bit?

Yes i have a 21mm bit… :slight_smile:
the idea is make a wine rack with a lot of 21 mm holes… so i bought a 21 mm bit to make the holes faster… :slight_smile:
The hole must be perfect, and with a litle bit i can make the 21 mm hole, but not so perfect…

Just tell easel that the bi is 20.9mm. However you might have issues with chip extraction as easel does not have any peck drilling type toolpaths.

Just a thought, you could cut all of your holes to say 5mm first, then all of them 10mm as a second job and repeat until you hit the material thickness, this would ensure the bit came out of each hole before the chip extraction issues occur.

Please post pics, I am interested how you get on.

yeah I think there was. and there was also a post about a peck drill generator that someone wrote just for Easel drilling operations.

Any way here is the link to the post with the peck drill operation if you want to try that. Peck Drilling Gcode program creator- Runs in browser

Actually, since the gCode it outputs is linear cuts and moves it should work with any sender program.

Also you can use an endmill as a flatnose drill if you want.

I would be concerned that the 21mm bit is not suitable for plunging more than a couple mm.
Do the cutting faces go to the center of the bit?