How to Create Boxed Letters

I was hoping to find an app in easel that would turn any letter or font into a flat 3d boxed letter one where I can cut out of pvc that is workable allowing me to fold the tabs over to create 3d boxed letter eliminating the need for buying 1" thick sheets. Anyone that knows how to do this please respond

No such app for that. But can you add a photo… im not sure if ive seen that as a non-manual function any software actually…

foldable letter

I guess something like this but only 1 letter for less material, so one side would be open.

Hmm, definite confirmation there’s no app for that.

Maybe you could get some designs from like a Paper Craft (Circuit Cutting Cardstock) group and adjust the size to fit your material? IF you were to cut the letters face down and use a 90deg V bit to do the score (fold) lines into the backside and don’t carve that to full depth but leave some material for strength, then it would fold in the way you want. . .

yes for sure, ill check Etsy. Thanks for the idea about using the vbit ive been thinking that over a bit on how i would score the folds but i think that should do it

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