How to create new tool geometry

Hi Everyone,
I am new to Easel pro, I have 2 questions:
1- how to create new tool geometry?
2- where can I get more fonts?

Thank you.

you will need invest in Easel Pro

I purchased Easel Pro couple of weeks ago, I heard there are hundreds of fonts, however I only see a handful, I have to learn how to download it.

Click on the text icon “T” you can add a font

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Thank you Ken, got it.
Do you know how to define new cutters or tools?

with pro you can add a custom bit and/or cutter but not sure how easel defines custom.


Jumping in here on this one:
Endmills and vbits are the bit types easel natively supports, it does not allow the use of other bit geometries without somehow tricking the software…

Seth— do the other softwares do better with bits that easel can’t do toolpaths for?

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Most certainly other softwares are configured to accept many more bit geometries than Easel does.
Vectric, Carveco and Fusion360 are the common 3 that take any bit I’ve seen used on a cnc and grenerate the appropriate toolpath for basically any bit you throw at them.

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Thank you guys for your input, I just wanted to create a ball nose bit.
Seth, you mentioned Vectric, is that part of Easel or totally separate software?

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Vectic is a manufacturer of a 3rd party software that is used to make the gcode & if you like you could then import that gcode into Easel to send to the cnc if youd like to use Easels sender function.

Vcarve desktop
Vcarve pro
& Aspire
Are some of the various tiers of software that Vectric sells.

Thanks Seth.

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