How to create open shapes in easel?

ok not sure how to describe what I mean. I want to make shapes and be able to put letters in them but when I combine the entire shape cuts out.

For example, I created a heart with the letter K inside. I used the icons in easel. Once heart icon is completely filled and when I combine it with the K the entire object gets filled. Another is like I want it and when I combine it with the K the 2 objects merge nicely and makes a great cut. I want to draw something and not have it filled completely instead have a nice border around it so I can put letters inside.

Hope that makes sense. Thanks

As a further example, say that I wanted to make this using the shamrock icon and a circle:

that’s a great example of what I’m trying to do. How would I make that template from scratch? I draw the outer circle, then I draw in inner circle but when I combine the 2 together the outer circle just turns into a fill and fills the whole area. How do I make it just fill the area from the inner circle to the outer circle?

Hey Spence… Make the inner circle “0” depth and then select them both and combine… should do the trick…

yes. Thank you Ron!
I just also tried from inkscape object to path and stroke to path and when I inserted it it seemed to work also. Not sure what I did exactly.

Your method will work for me. Easel is easier for me. Thanks!

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A million ways to skin a cat… :slight_smile:

Keep on carvin’ !!

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