How to cut a sheet of aluminum?

I’ve got a thin sheet of aluminum (about 0.48mm) that I’d like to cut a simple shape out of.

I’ve got the Soft Metals bit set from Inventables but not sure which bit to use or if there are any other special considerations.

Anything I should know or keep in mind before I start cutting?

I just used the two flute 1/8 end mill and standard settings from easel for my first cut in aluminum, work great made my first part and no problems. there is a search function for more information if you are wanting to do more that just a simple cut.

Cut fast and shallow. Like crazy shallow.
The aluminum you have is really thin so… 2? passes.

And make sure your clamping is good!

The masking tape / CA glue method of hold down works very well on thin metal.

This is a must, as in something that keep the whole sheet down - otherwise it WILL lift.
I have cut 1mm alu sheet in one pass, worked fine for me. 2mm bit at 12ipm at full depth.