How to cut fiberglass plates

Hello, I am new to machining and CAM, but have some experience with CAD. I am trying to cut out rectangular fiberglass plates for a rocket, and I’m curious what settings I should change. I am cutting rectangles that are about 2" x 8", out of 1/8" FR-4 fiberglass. The bit I’m using is a 1/8" flat bit, and I have a vacuum to collect dust during the cut. Can I cut it like this?

I suggest burr bits / chip breakers for FR boards.

I have cut FG myselv using a 2F flat bit, I went well when I carved shallow depth per pass. Any upcut on the bit will want to lift the board so secure hold-down is required, over as much surface as possible.
Masking tape / CA glue work well for that.

But if possible, go with burr bits - and take resporatory precausings, FG dust is no fun for the lungs.
I have seen examples where CF boards are cut submerged in water, in order to contain any CF dust.