How to cut in one direction?

I am using the xcarve to do engraving on pieces of aluminum and it produces a fantastic result, however there is an issue with the cut direction. Pardon my lack of jargon knowledge but I was told it the 'steover direction"? What happens is the bit moves from origin to say the lower corner of a letter, as it moves back and forth it ‘cuts’ it way from the bottom to the top. Depending on the letter shape it finishes the upward cut, then finds the remaining area and starts cutting again but in the downward direction. If the material was wood for example this wouldn’t cause an issue but since the engraving tip creates a slight burr it changes the look of the carving because of its cut direction. My real question is, is there a way to make it ONLY cut bottom to top or top to bottom? Thanks for any help!

What program are you using, easel? V-carve? In v-carve it’s a direct option…

Hi Henry thanks for the response! I am using the easel pro for the software, machine is xcarve. Is the v-carve another software? Much appreciated!

Yes, v-carve is a commercial carving program. It is much more sophisticated, including full true 3D carving, but has a much larger learning curve.