How to cut multiple 2.5D shapes?

I’m trying to cut stock to a shape, and then carve multiple features with different depths. I prefer to work in 3D with Sketchup. So I have the svg plugin, but when I import into Easel or MakerCam, the shapes are combined, and I can’t separate for different tooling operations. Alternatively, I can import the shapes separately, but there is no reference for the origin of my part (so each shape I import ends up at the 0,0, regardless of where it was in my model.

Is there a solution for this? I’m open to purchasing software in the $0-$300 range if needed.

I’m currently playing with MeshCAM. Seems like it will do what I want, at a $250 price tag.

Easel would work fine for my purposes, if only I could somehow import SVG with an origin reference so I could properly line up shapes/toolpaths. As a workaround for my first project, I just included a dot at the origin and included it with every svg layer. This works okay for a 2D model.


I just needed this (SVG origin ref) last night.

Random Thought: As a quick work around you could import the SVG files twice. Once as a single image then again with each depth element separate.
Then use the fill SVG as a positioning guide to line everything up and delete it.

Another random thought.
Put something at the 0,0 point. A small circle. Export each depth layer with the same 0,0 circle element. That should make them line up the same relative to each other.
I wonder if it is possible to make the circle small enough so that it will not be carved, or some how mask it or ignore it? When I get a chance I will give this a try.

In order to create distinct toolpaths in Easel you need tp provide an SVG with distinct paths. As long as you avoid any path operations (unions/intersections/differences/etc) that will merge paths that you want to machine differently (different toolpaths), it is pretty straight forward.

My first experiment with producing gcode in Easel was a simple SVG drawn in Inkscape which consisted of two paths. Easel was able to create a full-depth outline cut on one path and a less than half-depth pocket on the other. The pocket, btw, was inside the outline and also had uncut “islands”.

The “dot” trick worked :smile:

I put a small circle in what will be the 0,0 point when the SVG file is imported. I included that circle on all the different SVG elements. This makes them keep their original alignment relative to each other when they are imported separately.

I tried to make the circle small enough that it could not be milled by the bit and hopefully ignored. But I guess you could cover it in Easel with a large circle set to full height.

Here is a link to the project

FYI: using inscape, which saves it’s files in svg format. I was able to import all the curves as a single document, single layer, and sill have each element be individually selectable and adjustable.
So maybe it has something to do with how sketch up is plugin is exporting your file?

Yep, I think it’s my SVG plugin that is not doing what I want. I’m liking MeshCAM + Universal gcode Sender. Easel will only get better I’m sure, but it’s not very useful to me right now.

ever consider autodesk Fusion 360. 25$ a month isn’t terrible short term. but yeah long term an infinite license is much better. anyone else using fusion?

Downloading the trial now. It looks like it is way more than I need (for now), and I’m sure a steeper learning curve. More expensive in the long run, but a lot more powerful than MeshCAM.

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would be really epic if a native sketchup .skp file could be added to easel or the like. hint hint

fusion 360 is free for hobbyist/enthusiasts according to their website

I have looked for this but can’t seem to find it. Got a link?

on this page about 1/2 way down on right side

Only for a year!

once the year is up you just register it again as a hobbiest for free

That’s not the way I read it but if you’re correct yippee!:smile: