How to cut this

How do I Vcarve this stocking so the Outline on top of the stocking is visible and then to a profile cut for just the out side lines? Hope this is clear. I want to make these for my grand-kids and v carve their names on it, but drawing a blank on how to cut it out and still have it look like a stocking. I am using VCarve Pro.

Use layering in V-Carve Pro, and make separate cuts for the middle of the stocking.

I can think of two ways of doing this. You could cut the outline of the outside, the profile if you will. Then just do an engraving of the line going through the middle. Alternatively you could trace and offset the profile and then cut the profile and engrave the top piece of the stocking.

I think MarcCohen is correct with the layers but I’m not sure how to do it yet. All the lines are considered vectors for cutting and I need to make two tool paths for the v carve and the profile cuts. I’m in the process of looking at the training files on the Vectric site.

Try this.

The interesting thing here is when I import the .jpg file and do the trace bitmap in Vcarve it turns all the lines into vectors. I then can go and ungroup objects and this is where I’m now messing around with creating toolpaths. The tutorials are great but they don’t show an instance where you are tracing a bitmap to vectors image at least not that I’ve seen so far.

Thanks for the help also.

I think I see what you’re doing now. I was misunderstanding what you were trying to do with the stocking. I thought you wanted to cut out a profile of the stocking and make the part up top that’s typically “rolled over” a different look, my apologies. You basically want to cut out the profile of the stocking and V-carve a name into it? When I trace .jpgs like that I usually end up with two lines or what looks like a polygon. It will trace the inside and outside of the line since the line weight is so thick in the photo. In those cases I erase one of the lines and will do some slight editing to make it look better.

To make it look like a stocking I would cut the profile out and V-Carve the line in the middle that forms the bottom of the “rolled over” part of the stocking, then V carve the name.


 Go here:

Thanks MarcCohen, I think I’ve got it now. You have to ungroup all the vectors and then select the ones you want for that particular tool-path. I looks OK on the simulation now I just need to get to the garage and do a cut. Again thanks for the help